How To Design A Living Room?

 A living room is the place, where your guests sit for a while to chat with you. A living room can be used for throwing parties- be it birthday parties, anniversaries and so on. Even, you can organize a meeting with your business client in the living room. But, you cannot impress others if your living room is not properly designed. Also, you need proper furnishing for the room. As dining room furniture adds beauty and elegance to the room, similarly, living furnishing will help to design it in the proper way. 

Know your living room’s purpose – Design your living room after determining the purpose of the room. If you plan to use your living room for work, then you have to make the design in that way and choose designer furniture accordingly. You can add a study table in a corner of your living room if the room is quite big. If you want to make a play area for your kids in your house, then you can use a portion of your big living room as the kid’s play area. And the kids don’t have to play outside for most of the days. You can put a big bookshelf in the drawing room and a chair beside it. You can use the place as your study area. Add a tube of adequate watt in your study area.
Entryways – Don’t block the entryway of your home with furniture, chair, table, plants as the guests will find it difficult to make an entry to your home. When you will keep the entryway clean, the guests will be impressed with the look.
Don’t add more furniture in the room – If the size of the living room is small, then add only necessary furniture in it. The minimum addition of furniture will make the room’s look big a bit. If the room is very big, then you can add some plants. Don’t keep the walls bare. You can hang painting, your favourite photos on the wall. Even, you hang plates of beautiful designs to make the living room’s look more impressive.
Light is required – You can place bulbs of higher watts on distinct sides of the room if you don’t want to fit just two tube-lights that everyone does. You can add floor lamps as well as ceiling lights too. If you are confused, then you can take some advice from a reputable, skilled and experienced interior designer.

Add a dimmer – Dimmers act as a blessing in the matters of conserving energy. You can light a dimmer at night and switch off the bulb to lower the cost of energy bill.