Helping Your Pet Settle Into A New Home

Moving house can be a difficult time; shifting furniture and living in a different neighborhood will all take some time to get used to. It’s no wonder then that dogs are much worse off than people in such situations. If you’re planning on moving house with your dog, follow these suggestions to help Rover adapt better to the change.

Make Your Dog Feel Secure

Before moving to your new address, make your dog feel secure and minimize any opportunity it will have to feel anxious. Before you start packing your things, make time for your dog’s usual routine. Feed him in his usual location and take him on his walk as you would on a normal day. 

Boarding Kennel

Certain cities offer pet owners the option of boarding kennels for their dogs. If you find it difficult to manage your pet in the midst of moving house, consider having him boarded till the bulk of your moving work is done. Once the unpacking and the ensuing chaos is over, you can introduce your dog to a new dog house to help him get used to his new surroundings.

Confine Him to a Room

Once your dog is familiar with the new surroundings, help him sleep by setting up a small room with familiar belongings such as toys and bedding. Make sure other members in the family and movers know that he is in that particular room so as not to disturb him.

Animal Scents

The new house you move into will not smell the same way as your old house from your dog’s perspective. This will cause him to feel anxious and make settling in a difficult task. You can help by dabbing a small towel on your dog’s face to collect a “personal scent profile” and rubbing this on spaces of his height around the house regularly to build up the scent. This will help your dog bond with his new territory.

Living Space

Once your four-legged family member is used to his new house, you can set up a spot for him. A kennel in the garden and a large dog beds in the lounge area will keep him happy and help him adapt. If you let your dog roam about the neighborhood, always ensure that a responsible family member takes him out on a leash for the first few weeks so he can learn the routes. The chances of your dog going back to your old address by himself is rare but following the steps above will prevent this from happening.